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Is everyone clear now?

Although I have to say, Zakia, if you’re going to insist on using words like ‘pluralism’, ‘multitude’, ‘condemn’ and ‘hear’, you’re almost certainly going to confuse your target demographic.

Anyone with half a brain has, after all, worked this out for themselves.

FEMEN: Exposing The ‘Sanctity’ Of Marriage

Image via facebook.

An anti-gay marriage march in Paris on Sunday was disrupted by topless FEMEN protesters who let off smoke bombs and chanted ‘In Gay We Trust’. So incensed by the intrusion into what they obviously considered to be their territory, some marchers, including an otherwise respectable looking ‘gentleman’ in glasses and a red anorak (0:30), responded by chasing, kicking and punching the protesters.

No wonder they’re so desperate to keep marriage between one man and one woman.  I’m pretty sure these guys wouldn’t be anywhere near as handy with their fists if they were married to a bloke.