Victoria’s Secret: Off Message


Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima. Because images of female compliance do not always have to involve underwear… Image via fanpop.

My murky, cynical dungeon style office was lit by a flare of optimism last week, and it came from the most unexpected of sources.

Victoria’s Secret had reportedly thrown their weight behind a campaign highlighting a rising area of concern for many people – the issue of implied sexual consent – by offering alternatives to their range of underwear emblazoned with messages like ‘Sure Thing’ and ‘Unwrap Me‘. The new collection apparently included motifs like ‘Ask First’, ” and ‘No Means No’, and managed to do so in a witty manner that was not an immediate turn-off to all concerned.

I don’t wear Victoria’s Secret underwear, but their habit of throwing nubile young models down the world’s catwalks and high streets while draped in bits of lace and elastane have made their once niche product virtually ubiquitous, and therefore unavoidable. If they deemed this growing campaign worthy of their attention, the message would reach millions.

I blinked, then peered around my newly enlightened den of doom-mongery with wonder and awe.

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