I’ll tell you what’s on my effing mind…


It’s a great leveller, social media, isn’t it?

In olden times, before Facebook and Twitter were things, we had no portal to air our feelings on matters that we had no prior knowledge of, so we limited our explosive rants to subjects we were vaguely qualified on or just made a massive fool of ourselves down the pub.

At least then we kept our friends entertained.

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Back To School With The Springboks

Image: Gallo Images/Getty Images Europe.

After years of cheating, scamming and lying, I’ve finally found something I have in common with an elite athlete.

Admittedly being forced to do PE in my vest and pants when I was five isn’t quite the same as a full on training session with the Springboks, but it’s probably as traumatic.

Achievement unlocked, I think.