No More Page 3: No Longer A Movement. A Fact.


Congratulations to Lucy-Anne Holmes and the team.

Not only will kids no longer have to deal with the confusion and consequences of a newspaper objectifying the female body on a daily basis, but they can see that even the most powerful institutions can be brought down with hard work, unity  and most importantly, persistence.

This is a huge day. For all of us.

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James & Rupert Murdoch: It’s Behind You!

The News of the World, perhaps I lost sight of. Maybe because it was so small in the general frame of our company.

Rupert? Might I politely suggest you’re looking in the wrong direction? Despite your best efforts, it’s looking increasingly like the nasty beast you euthanised has resurrected itself in the warmth of your sunny blind spot, doubled back and is just about to take a huge chunk out of your backside.

Rumour has it, James just suffered a fairly serious mauling. Are you next?