Kathleen Hanna & Miley Cyrus: Breaking The Chain


You’d imagine that Kathleen Hanna, founding member of the riot-grrl movement, ardent feminist and lead singer of ground breaking bands such as Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and The Julie Ruin would have little time for Miley Cyrus.

After all, isn’t Cyrus the antithesis of all that Hanna stands for? Living proof that the world at large has considered her message and summarily rejected it, preferring to keep its female pop stars constrained by the twin shackles of sexual availability and the male gaze?

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Beyonce: Behind the Curtain

Practically everyone wants to be famous these days.

We all know that person who reads magazines and speaks in hushed tones about the perfection therein; the flawless skin, the perfectly proportioned muscle groups, the happy, carefree, penthouse suite boasting infinity pool life that millions of dollars can afford. Perhaps we tease them gently, rib them about their aspirations, which we ourselves see through because we know that money and a designer baby doesn’t equal happiness, it just appears to when photographed in the right lighting.

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September 4th 2013 AKA The Day The Internet Ate Itself


A troll annotates a photo of a cosplay participant with critical text. It becomes a meme and goes viral. The troll is then called out for lack of research into cosplay by other internet users. This trends on Facebook.

I think.

$5 Billion Dollars A Year: What Do You Think?

UntitledThis video examining gender roles in advertising  is petrifying.

Not because the creators chose to articulate their point by replacing the skinny female models used in some ads with furry, rotund geezers, although you may argue if you check out the still at 3:27.

Not even because you know their assertion that people’s lives are negatively affected by images featured in ad campaigns is true.

It’s petrifying because it’s only when you’re forced to examine advertisements individually and non-contextually that you realise how dehumanising they actually are.

For all of us.

Deely Boppers & Facepaint: Apocalypse Swerved


Visitors waiting in vain for aliens to appear in Bugarach, France this morning. Image: ERIC CABANIS/AFP/Getty Images.

If Hollywood is to be believed, we need nuclear missiles, computer viruses, tin foil hats and a reasonable amount of  quiet pleading to rid the world of invading alien life forms.

But then, I’m figuring not too many people would go to see a movie in which an apocalyptic invasion was averted by a gang of merry punters wearing deely boppers and facepaint while having a good old dance in a field.

Seems just as effective though, no?

Buzzfeed: Near Fatal Fact Check Fail


…and now, so does Jack Stuef. Image via contentconverts.

If you’re going to post a harsh critique of an individual with a significant web presence and following, you better make damn sure you get your facts straight.  If you don’t, and the target of your ire is sufficiently pissed off, you might find yourself on the receiving end of a public flaming that will leave your reputation (and your clothing) carrying the sharp smell of smoke for the duration of your career.

Even more so, it seems, when you’re calling out a guy who made a rape joke.

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