Richard Keys & Andy Gray: Rehabilitated & Ready For Rehoming?


Andy Gray & Richard Keys. Still honking. Image via digitalspy

It’s just over two years since Richard Keys and Andy Gray were sentenced for crimes against football.

At the time, the almost universal rejection of the El Crude Brother’s comments about the ability of a female official to work out when a player was offside felt like a watershed moment, and while it’s unlikely that sexism (along with its intolerant bedfellows homophobia and racism) will ever be kicked out completely, it was refreshing to see so many writers, pundits and fans take the opportunity to condemn the remarks and affirm their commitment to an inclusive sport for all to enjoy.

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The Darwin Awards: Misogynist Sports Fans Category

Image via twitter.

This screen shot is apparently from a complaint form on ESPN USA.

One can only hope that it is a devious tactic employed by the staff at ESPN to filter out the idiots in the viewing population. The option is clicked, the IP address is stored, and a troupe of pre-menstrual ESPN presenters (female and male) go round and issue a good kicking to the fool in question.

Probably not though.

If you are unfamiliar with the brilliant Darwin Awards website, check it out here. You won’t be sorry.