US Women’s National Soccer Team: Guide To Etiquette

Image: AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, Ronald Martinez/Getty Images.

We hope you enjoy your moment of glory.

But please try & remember to retain an air of humility and dignity during all gold medal celebrations. Do not shout, squeal, run, jump or borrow someone’s camera and take pictures of your team-mates. Basically, no spur of the moment acts that could be interpreted as unbecoming.

Despite winning, you are still women, and it would be uncomfortable for people to have their gender stereotypes challenged while they’re just trying to enjoy some sport.

Thank you.

The Sun vs. Roy Hodgson: Pronounced Persecution

Front page of, 02/05/12.

It’s looks as though the English press are coping really well with the embarrassment of being blindsided by the FA in the appointment of Roy Hodgson as England manager.

With this kind of support from ‘the nations’s favourite‘ newspaper, England cannot fail to perform at the European Championships.