Shen Jianzhong: What Would Bruce Lee Do?

Shen Jianzhong does not subscribe to the theory that violence in the movies is much sexier and exciting than in real life.

We know this, because when 50 blokes who had been harassing local residents to sign over their homes to a property developer, turned up on his doorstep and started threatening his wife, he didn’t figure that his idol, legendary martial arts expert and movie star Bruce Lee, would probably have locked the door and called the damned police.

Shen, a fitness instructor who has dedicated 20 years of his life to learning his idol’s techniques, instead applied some hefty movie logic to the situation and set about the thugs with the help of his son. By the time they had finished, the guys who remained on their feet were cowering outside. The less fortunate ones, about seven of them, according to reports, lay in an unconscious and embarrassing heap by the front door.

Their views regarding the relative glamour of movie violence compared to real life have yet to be canvassed, but presumably someone will ask them when they come round.

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