One Direction: Parody With Purpose

As an elderly person with what I like to think is fairly decent taste, I’ve never really understood the purpose of One Direction as a musical entity. I’m so uncomfortable with the whole ‘mogul grooming and primping boys for the purpose of manipulating the vulnerable, fecund areas of teenage sexuality for financial gain’ thing, that the actual music has passed me by.

The snippets I have heard makes me yearn for the touchingly disorganised and cheery console manipulation of Stock, Aitken & Waterman.

Until today, when I watched this video. I now understand that One Direction were brought together for a purpose. That their entire reason for being, the motive behind their parents’ meeting and conceiving them, possibly even the Big Bang itself, occurred so this parody could be made.

Enlighten yourself. Your understanding of the world will be broader and somehow, altogether more satisfying.

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