Cosplay: When There Simply Aren’t Enough Fancy Dress Parties


What is this person buying from a pharmacy? Nothing that will benefit mankind, I’ll warrant. 

I used to be a goth. A proper one, who would not leave the house with first festooning myself in crushed velvet, eyeliner, talcum powder and at least two unfeasibly large hats.

Many people saw me. Many people laughed as me and my little gang – an erstwile group equally caught up in the romanticism of gloomy men covered in flour shouting indecipherable lyrics about Cthulhu into the fog – dodged between shop awnings to evade the watery sunlight. We drank cider and black, found philosophical meaning in the work of Wayne Hussey and drank heroic quantities of cider & black.

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September 4th 2013 AKA The Day The Internet Ate Itself


A troll annotates a photo of a cosplay participant with critical text. It becomes a meme and goes viral. The troll is then called out for lack of research into cosplay by other internet users. This trends on Facebook.

I think.