Rebekah Brooks: Meet Jim ‘Bastard’ Fenner

Original Image: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images. Photoshopping: Moi.

As a journalist, Rebekah Brooks first impulse on discovering she is to face phone hacking charges will be to repair to HMV to stock up on Bad Girls DVDs. Background research and all that.

FYI Beks, the first and second series were utterly hilarious. Don’t bother with anything after. It kind of went downhill after Nicki Wade escaped.

You’re welcome.

Rebekah Brooks: Bringing Some Levity To Leveson

Image: REUTERS/POOL via Reuters TV.

It’s all got bit serious here lately.

Let’s lighten things up by looking at this photo of Rebekah Brooks as she frantically tries to remember the penalty for lying under oath.

Remember, folks. No matter how awful your day has been so far, you can be assured that your failure to persuade the photocopier to operate properly is not being watched by thousands of people who are willing you to slip up and bring an entire government to it’s knees.

It’s all about perspective, y’see.