David Cameron: Selfie Fulfilling Prophecy

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“If the person taking the selfie has a bionic hand, is it still a selfie?”

David Cameron grasps at existential straws while teetering on the brink of yet another photography based social media scandal

Cameron vs. Fry: It’s Just Not Cricket

British Prime Minister David Cameron has rejected a plea from Stephen Fry to ban Russia from hosting the Winter Olympics, stating that while he “share’s [Fry’s] deep concern about the abuse of gay people,” he believes “we can better challenge prejudice as we attend.”

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Andy Murray: They Can’t Take That Away


Image:  Clive Brunskill/Getty Images Europe.

For a few hours yesterday afternoon, national embarrassment and patriotic self-hatred were reluctantly suspended in Britain as Andy Murray powered, limped, flailed and panicked his way through the Men’s final at Wimbledon, before heroically lifting the trophy and shinning his way up the scoreboard to hug his family in the now traditional manner.

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Boris Johnson: Unleash The Beast?

Image: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images Europe.

Coverage of Boris’s adventures at the Olympics threatened to overwhelm the sporting competition at times.

He had enjoyed himself thoroughly and yearned to revisit the thrilling heights of the cable cars and zip wires during the Paralympics.

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Jeremy Hunt: Jog On, Old Chap

Despite causing a potentially fatal split in the coalition government over his handling of the BSKYB bid, Jeremy Hunt remains a popular figure in his local community. Image: CARL COURT/AFP/GettyImages.

Rebekah Brooks: Bringing Some Levity To Leveson

Image: REUTERS/POOL via Reuters TV.

It’s all got bit serious here lately.

Let’s lighten things up by looking at this photo of Rebekah Brooks as she frantically tries to remember the penalty for lying under oath.

Remember, folks. No matter how awful your day has been so far, you can be assured that your failure to persuade the photocopier to operate properly is not being watched by thousands of people who are willing you to slip up and bring an entire government to it’s knees.

It’s all about perspective, y’see.

David Cameron: Last Among Equals

(Back L – R) Sean Fitzpatrick, Gary Player, Nadia Comaneci, Novak Djokovic, Boris Becker, Oscar Pistorius, Steve Regrave, Mark Spitz; (Front L-R) Kelly Holmes, Tanni Grey-Thompson, David Cameron, Edwin Moses and Martina Navratilova gather at 10 Downing St before the 2012 Laureus Awards last night. 

I honestly didn’t believe that the British media could portray David Cameron as any more of a loser than they currently do.

So kudos to whoever set up this shot of Cam, front and centre of a group of athletes whose achievements dwarf the PM’s to such an extent, even he looks embarrassed.

That person must have a wicked sense of humour. Or a Lib-Dem membership card.