Deutsche Bank Protests: Seen It, Done It, Bought The Balaclava


Image: DANIEL ROLAND/AFP/Getty Images.

fempussCall yourself an activist? Think you’re blazing a trail in ‘Protest Wear’ because you turned up outside Deutsche Bank this morning dressed in an eye-catching, photographer-baiting outfit comprising balaclava, blank mask and cut out shapes covering your boobies?

I was wearing this six months ago. Don’t think that just because you’ve managed to convince the local farmers to pose as security guards, you’ll be safe from my royalty claims.

Intellectual property is theft too, my friend. And as FEMEN have proven on a number of occasions, there’s nowt more scary than an angry half-naked woman with a marker pen and a mission.

Fournié & FEMEN: Women With Their Weapons

Left, a design from Julien Fournié’s collection at the launch of Singapore Fashion Week. Right, a FEMEN press shot. Images: Chris McGrath/Getty Images AsiaPac, facebook

FEMEN have been accused of many things, but being the inspiration behind a piece in a haute couture collection has, so far, not been one of them.

Given designer Julien Fournié’s bio, we should have seen it coming. The guy is a pot of poster paint away from a full blown feminist protest.

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Tibet: The Burning Question

A still of a Tibetan protestor featured on a Students for a Free Tibet leaflet. Not shocking enough, apparently. Image via

Once the dust of the Twin Towers had settled over Manhattan, the photos of the missing pinned to fences had curled at the corners and the thrill of watching planes repeatedly crashing into buildings had given way to guilt, September 11th became an abstract arena for those of us not directly involved to explore the dark recesses of our minds.

What had it felt like to be in one of the buildings when a plane hit? To realise that the stairwells and elevators were out of service? To unconsciously move closer to windows as wisps of smoke drifted under doors and through ventilation shafts,  while all the time, the concrete and steel structure containing you shifts and moans from it’s fatal wounds?

How awful must it have been in there for jumping to be a better option?

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