Orlando Cruz: Crossing The Line

Amazingly, while several thousand people will be prepared to shout homophobic abuse at Cruz, very few are likely to tell him what they think of his proclivities to his face. Image via abcnews.com.

The macho perception of football and the subsequent attitude of fans was recently cited by The Secret Footballer as the principal reason for there being a grand total of zero ‘out’ gay players in the English Premier League.

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David Haye & Dereck Chisora: Fence Off!

Image: REUTERS/Olivia Harris.

David Haye and Dereck Chisora are so up for their fight on Saturday, they had to be separated by a fence during a pre-match press conference. They were so blinded by the hate flowing through their veins, neither realised that they could have simply stepped around the fence and beaten each other to death.

Even if we bought into this crap though, and accepted the fact that this is a ploy to promote a ‘grudge’ fight that came about through a rather suspect series of events, we would still have to ask the following question. Are the payday, press coverage and purse attached to all this worth the damage to your careers and reputations?

Guess so.

Tony Thompson & Wladimir Klitschko: Laugh Now, Receive Head Injury Later

Image: REUTERS/Pascal Lauener.

Tony Thompson got the giggles during his face-off with Wladimir Klitschko at the Stade De Suisse yesterday. Thompson is due to fight Klitschko in a mandatory bout at the stadium in July – a prospect that shouldn’t provoke uncontrollable laughter.

Maybe he heard that Frank Warren’s opportunism regarding David Haye’s post fight press conference scuffle with Dereck Chisora last May has paid off.

I certainly allowed my head to drop when I heard. Onto my desk. Repeatedly.