World Cup 2014: Prostitutes, Politicians & The Privilege Of The Few


“I’m Happy Being A Prostitute.” & “I cannot go without a condom, my love.” Not ideal, but the message shouldn’t be lost. Image via christianpost.

A campaign encouraging prostitutes to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases has been withdrawn by the Brazilian Health Ministry after objections from religious groups, it has been reported.

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Quä Quäger: England Football’s Soundtrack To Success

The England national football team’s supporter’s band was refused entry to the their team’s opening fixture vs. France on Monday. It was presumed that an outcry from England supporters would immediately follow, leading to band becoming a cause celebre and having their status of ‘official’ reaffirmed by the FA, who would heroically force Ukranian football authorities to allow them back in for Friday’s tie vs. Sweden.

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FEMEN: You Can’t See Tits On The Radio


Note to terrorists. If you’re trying to make a political point, don’t waste time with bombs and guns and violence.

There’s a much more effective way to threaten the very fabric of the civilisation. Get your boobs out** and run around. Even better, hurl yourself at expensive trinkets held so dear by the hierarchy. The panic on the faces of those paid to look after them hints that it might be a surprisingly rich vein.

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Yulia Tymoshenko & The People’s Republic Of Sport

Yulia Tymoshenko waves to supporters from her prison cell. Image via huffingtonpost.

Rumours that several nations are considering a boycott of EURO 2012 games to held in Ukraine have given rise to questions about the role of politics in sport once again. At the beginning of May it was reported that Austria would not be attending  fixtures held in the country as they were “concerned …  about the prison conditions of the former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.” Yesterday, the BBC confirmed that the venue set to host the final, the Olimpiysky stadium in Kiev, has received just 50 bookings for VIP seats.

Tymoshenko was jailed last year after a trial condemned for being politically motivated.

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