This is not for you.

toby young

Toby Young, Daily Mail 1st April 2016.

You could say that drawing attention to this sort of thing is giving the trolls what they want.

That Toby Young will be reclining on his chaise longue this morning, clad in smoking jacket and dragging on the big old Cuban parked between his educated lips while he cackles at the outrage his Daily Mail article provoked.

Rod Liddle will be sitting alongside him.

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Daily Mail: Marketing-sans-self-awareness


There are very few media disasters in the world that cannot be resuscitated by a carefully orchestrated scandal. And what better way to get those arbiters of British decency, the Daily Mail, spluttering into their ‘coming over here, stealing all our’ cornflakes in the morning than a poster advertising the movie version of events leading up to the death of their favourite Royal princess, right outside the tunnel where that fatal accident occurred.

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Amanda Platell: Making A Splash


Amanda Platell being lowered into the vile, roiling pit that is internet child porn by the editors of the Daily Mail was one of the more enduring images of this weekend for me. Platell, who is an ex-advisor to William Hague, was obviously identified by Paul Dacre’s managerial minions as the intrepid journo most capable of traversing the darkest depths of humanity without getting permanent stains on her action pants, and traverse it she did, exposing herself to all manner of revolting videos to supply further ammunition to the paper’s contention that it’s the internet’s fault this kind of depravity exists.

Specifically Google’s.

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The Daily Mail: You Have To Give Them Credit (Even If They Don’t Return The Favour)

Image screen grabbed from the DM this morning at 11am this morning.

The internet is rife with accusations of plagiarism towards the Daily Mail newspaper. In the past couple of years, esteemed organs such as the New York Times, humble football blogs and seemingly everyone in-between has noted that articles published in the bible of Middle England have been based on pieces appearing elsewhere first, and in some cases, lifted word for word.

Without credit.

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So What’s The Point Of Sex Again? I’m Confused.

Rachel Zoe, her six-inch-heels and a conveniently positioned grate. Image:

If procreation and furthering one’s own special gene puddle is the purpose of existence, how the hell did we end up in a position where the culturally accepted definition of ‘feminine’ involves denying you’re pregnant for as long as possible by wearing ridiculous heels, having an elective Caeserean to avoid sagging and then losing your babyweight in 4.6 minutes so you can get into even more ridiculous heels and size zero dresses?

Or is it just excessive surfing of the Daily Mail sidebar-of-shame which has led me to this upsetting and hopefully (because the Daily Mail are involved) erroneous opinion of my ‘sisters’?