Giambattista Valli: Fur F**k’s Sake


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A sneak peek at what we’ll all be wearing to keep out the cold in the fall and winter of 2013.

Specification: Delightfully soft and almost certainly still warm fluffy coat, combining elegance and style with a modern, urban aesthetic for the discerning purchaser**.

**By buying this product, you tacitly confirm you don’t care that it’s second hand and the original owner was probably skinned alive.

Available in: Silver, Copper, Bronze, Piebald and Grey as well as the classic Black & White model shown.

Startled expression: Dog’s own.

Order yours now!

Carcasses On The Course: Day One At Cheltenham Races

The Cheltenham Festival - Day 1

Image: Samir Hussein/WireImage.

Unlike last year, there were no deaths on the track on the opening day of the Cheltenham Festival – a four day horse racing event during which those residents unfortunate enough not to be landed gentry stay at home to avoid the now traditional triumvirate of verbal abuse (tits… TITS, oi luv, did you hear me, you’ve got TITS!), vehicle gridlock and vomit.

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John Galliano: Go About Your Business. Nothing To See Here


Image via oregonlive.

The New York Post is claiming John Galliano was mocking Jewish Hasidic culture on Tuesday when he stepped out of a New York apartment building wearing a “parody of Jew attire“.  The British designer was banished from the fashion industry after a 2011 incident in which he reportedly insulted Jewish people and claimed to love Hitler, but has recently made a tentative return via a temporary residency at Oscar De La Renta’s New York studio.

While the New York Post are obviously trying to create a visual stir to outdo that presented by Galliano, their desire to whip up controversy is almost embarrassingly obvious beneath the facade. We can already comfortably assume from his career choice that clothes are fairly important to John Galliano, so it’s unlikely the outfit he chose was simply the first he tripped over  that day. He was making a provocative statement that he was hoping people would react to.

He doesn’t care whether it’s positive or negative. But perversely, by responding to it, the NY Post and other media outlets could be accused of casually trading off and diluting the Jewish community’s right to be offended by genuine anti-Semitic gestures. This is not an anti-Semitic statement. I repeat, it’s a provocative statement. This is a fashion designer, the enfant terrible of the fashion world, using clothing to create a stir that will keep him in the news. That’s his job.

Perhaps the journalists at the NY Post should consider doing theirs.

Deutsche Bank Protests: Seen It, Done It, Bought The Balaclava


Image: DANIEL ROLAND/AFP/Getty Images.

fempussCall yourself an activist? Think you’re blazing a trail in ‘Protest Wear’ because you turned up outside Deutsche Bank this morning dressed in an eye-catching, photographer-baiting outfit comprising balaclava, blank mask and cut out shapes covering your boobies?

I was wearing this six months ago. Don’t think that just because you’ve managed to convince the local farmers to pose as security guards, you’ll be safe from my royalty claims.

Intellectual property is theft too, my friend. And as FEMEN have proven on a number of occasions, there’s nowt more scary than an angry half-naked woman with a marker pen and a mission.

JW Anderson: Living The Dream

J.W. Anderson: Catwalk - London Collections: MEN AW13

Images: Stuart Wilson/Getty Images, facebook.

The biggest kick is seeing a girl or a guy on the street in your design.
That’s what really excites me.

JW Anderson, Evening Standard, 6th December 2012

543176_10151636441529569_2109068912_nHe’s not wrong, y’know. I’ve thought long and hard, and I’ve yet to come up with a sight on my local High Street likely to provoke more excitement than Anderson’s imaginative visions of the modern male.

What it must be to set personal goals and achieve them. Sigh.

Victoria’s Secret: Off Message


Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima. Because images of female compliance do not always have to involve underwear… Image via fanpop.

My murky, cynical dungeon style office was lit by a flare of optimism last week, and it came from the most unexpected of sources.

Victoria’s Secret had reportedly thrown their weight behind a campaign highlighting a rising area of concern for many people – the issue of implied sexual consent – by offering alternatives to their range of underwear emblazoned with messages like ‘Sure Thing’ and ‘Unwrap Me‘. The new collection apparently included motifs like ‘Ask First’, ” and ‘No Means No’, and managed to do so in a witty manner that was not an immediate turn-off to all concerned.

I don’t wear Victoria’s Secret underwear, but their habit of throwing nubile young models down the world’s catwalks and high streets while draped in bits of lace and elastane have made their once niche product virtually ubiquitous, and therefore unavoidable. If they deemed this growing campaign worthy of their attention, the message would reach millions.

I blinked, then peered around my newly enlightened den of doom-mongery with wonder and awe.

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Carcasses On The Carpet: Torrill & Friend:

Edge Of Salvation - Los Angeles Premiere

Torrill and unfortunate companion at the ‘Edge Of Salvation’ premiere in Los Angeles last night. Image: Tibrina Hobson/FilmMagic.

There’s something about staring into those cold, dead eyes that sends a shiver down my spine.

But enough about Norwegian singer Torrill. Let’s just hope that thing around her neck is dead. You don’t want stunned wild animals wandering around a dark movie theatre when you’re trying to watch a film, do you?

Yoko Ono: Lost In Translation. Or Maybe There Just Aren’t Enough Words.


Looks ok on him, but… Image via

In case you missed it, Yoko Ono recently unleashed a clothing collection inspired by her late husband, John Lennon, on an unsuspecting and, let’s be honest, entirely unprepared, world.

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Casey Legler: Blazing A Trail

By definition, fashion challenges boundaries of perception.

Whether some of those boundaries need to be challenged is another matter. The fashion industry is frequently blamed for providing us with unrealistic imagery that lead to problems such as eating disorders, negative self-image and obsessions with personal appearance that border on the narcissistic, as well as dispassionately using controversy to promote a message or product.

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